2013 MINI Cooper JCW GP

Over 200 HP, less than 3000 lbs, and under 500 sold in the U.S, this high performance MINI is a rare, and incredibly fun ride. The top-of-the-line JCW model, this GP R56 is a one year only model that features many high performance goodies ready for your track, or autocross adventures!

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Seller TFLstudios
Location Boulder, CO
Mileage 61,565 mi
Title Status Clean
Engine 1.6L turbo inline-4
Transmission 6-speed manual

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The GP model was first introduced in 2006 and only 2,000 units were produced, making it one of the rarest MINI models ever produced. For 2013 the legendary name returned in an all new generation. It featured numerous performance upgrades over the standard MINI Cooper, including a more powerful engine, sport-tuned suspension, and improved braking system. The GP also had a distinctive body kit and 17-inch alloy wheels that set it apart from other MINIs.

The R56 GP was well-received by both MINI fans and performance car enthusiasts for its unique combination of style and driving excitement. It has since become a sought-after collector’s item and continues to be highly valued by MINI enthusiasts and car collectors alike.

Sold for one year only, the R56 generation of MINI Cooper JCW GP is a high performance, stripped down, limited edition hatchback. The GP in this series was offered for one year only, 2013, and just 500 copies were sold in the U.S. This example is number 95 and has a clean, Colorado Title.

Features include:
1.6L turbocharged engine delivering 215 horsepower
6-speed manual transmission
Distinctive GP body kit with racing-inspired design elements
Unique 17-inch alloy wheels
Upgraded suspension and braking system

Mechanically this car performs extremely well. Preserved in its original spec, the engine seems to pull strong across its rev range and does not make any strange noises or rattles. No warning lights are displayed on the dash The clutch and 6-speed manual transmission are tight. The height adjustable suspension and 6 piston brakes perform well. This MINI is being sold with its original 4 spoke wheels on new Pirelli tires and aftermarket Sparco wheels on extreme high performance summer tires.

This car is finished in its original thunder gray finish. There is evidence of body work on the hood and left rear quarter panel. The paint shines well overall. Several of the GP specific graphics have faded. All lights work well. No exterior mods apart from a short antenna are present. The interior features many GP specific features:

– Leather wrapped performance steering wheel with cruise/button deletes
– Leather on Suede GP specific Recaro performance seats
– GP specific leather wrapped shift knob
– GP tuned traction/stability control with GP mode

The interior shows well with no tears in the rare GP specific recaro seats (but some staining in the driver seat). The passenger seat height control handle is broken. The steering wheel and shift knob (also GP specific) are in good condition. The leather stitched dash has several waves in the material.

Interior features are in good shape and operational. All lights, sound, and function features work well. The heat blows hot, the air conditioning blows cold. Heated seats function, as do both windows. The radio features AM/FM functionality as well as an auxiliary port. This MINI is being sold with two keys.

This MINI is ready for its next adventure and is being sold with a clean, Colorado title.

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61,565 mi






Cooper JCW GP


1.6L turbo inline-4


6-speed manual

2013 MINI Cooper JCW GP